Would it be easier to get accepted into an LPN program or RN program?

Its very competitive to try getting accepted into an RN program. Would an LPN program be easier to get into to? And then after that I could transition into an RN program. How hard would it be to get into a LPN to RN transition program in Indiana once I get my LPN?

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3 Responses to Would it be easier to get accepted into an LPN program or RN program?

  1. ?AM? says:

    LPN is easier to get into of course…dont waste yr time going for that, go straight into RN thats what im doing.

  2. moon crystal says:

    Why not go for LPN if getting into RN is next to impossible? In Oregon, there are two year waiting lists to get into any RN program, so some people, like me, figure they might as well go for LPN and make a decent amount of money while waiting to bridge to RN.

  3. Nursing Edu says:

    Hi Angel,

    It’s typically easier to get into an LPN program than an RN program these days due to the critical shortage of nurse educators and clinical instructors RN programs require. Instead of waiting around on a waiting list for a year or more why not become an LPN first?

    Licensed Practical Nurse programs take between 9 to 12 months to complete and are offered at local community colleges as well as at private colleges. Accredited programs are fully eligible for Federal Student Aid such as grants & scholarships etc.

    Once you pass an LPN course you will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam and become licensed to practice as an LPN upon successful completion.

    Once you’re working as an LPN and have a year or so experience you could consider making use of tuition assistance benefits your employer offers in order to take an NLN accredited online LPN to RN, or LPN to BSN degree program (such as the one offered by top ranked Indiana State University for example).

    Here’s more info about ISU’s online nursing programs just to show you that the previous poster was VERY wrong and that there are indeed accredited AND highly respected online nursing schools available for nurses to earn an advanced nursing degree online: http://rndegrees.net/indiana-state-unive…

    If you become an LPN you can make use of online nursing programs to become an RN later – and save time & money doing it that way as well.

    If you need some help finding accredited LPN programs in your area here is a list of accredited LPN programs by state: