What is UPENN Nursing School like?

UPENN, is my dream school! I have never imagined myself going anywhere else ( Not to say I don’t have back up plans ) and I am actually going to go see it this summer! All the reviews I’ve ever read ( Even the negative ones ) have only driven me further to love it, so I really want to know what a student in nursing thinks about it. I am completely compared to work as hard as I need and then some, there is NOTHING that will stop me from achieving my dream of becoming a nurse, so there is no need to worry about that. However, I want to know what It’s like to live in Philly, how hard it is, everyday life- really things only a actual student or past student could ever know. Personal experience and advise. Thank you for your answers, they are appreciated.

PS. If it matters I want to be a ER Nurse.

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  1. paulfriedman7 says:

    I can’t say about the nursing school in particular, but you can get student reviews of the Univ. of Penn using the links on my web page


    Student reviews




    The U of Penn is one of the finest schools in the nation. I’m sure their nursing program is equally distinguished.