What is a great college for being a nurse assistant.?

My friend, wants to be nurse, assistant to work with babies. :) )) What is a good college for that, and how long does it take to be a nurse? How much does it pay?

Can you list links or addresses? for websites?


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One Response to What is a great college for being a nurse assistant.?

  1. soniakidman says:

    How old are you guys? I am a registered nurse. Nursing assistant are also called CNA. To become a CNA, you don’t have to go a college. It’s a one month course and all they want is high school degrees. Also, you don’t just get to work with babies. Many hospitals don’t hire CNAs for Mother-baby unit. They will rather use you in a floor with adult floor where you wash older people and change their diapers.
    Why does your friend want to be a CNA? It’s a dead end job. You make only $8 to $11 an hour. You work long hours and you don’t have time for your self.

    Tell her to go to college and become a Registered nurse. It’s a respectable position and you make good money as well.

    CNAs are not considered nurses. They are assistant to nurses. Don’t go into that profession. Become someone higher.