Total Knee Replacement Surgery

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10 Responses to Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  1. LILMISSKIKI099 says:

    i went and watched at TKR to day !!

  2. claypotz1 says:

    I had a huge tear in my menicus… had the arthroscopic surgery done last Dec. It improved greatly. I fell later, so I have more damage and now will have a total replacement done… soon. I’m too young for it too, but as they say, “It’s not your age but your pain and injury” that create the need for having it replaced. I am looking forward to less pain! Yes the pain sucks! If I can do it, so can you. Just, “get ‘er done.” :-) Happy trails.

  3. 68hinduhammers says:

    can i run again

  4. nakrose says:

    I am having a total knee replacement the beginning of next month. I sure hope it goes as smoothly as this video portrays.

  5. RDW1455 says:

    Same here…I was thinking leg amputation would be better than the pain I have now so I’m willing to try anything. I truly believe this will be better than a life of pain and knees giving out causing the occasional fall ..especially when it is down steps. (‘m only in my 50′s so I definately prefer this to a life of constant pain)

  6. Julzellis says:

    I wonder what recovery is like. Is the patient able to return to normal.. And normal meaning playing sports, without pain. Jumping, running etc.. Lateral movement. Does this surgery increase the knees resistence to future injury

  7. elleanor07 says:

    I have had physical therapy for 2 and half years! I need knee surgery! It is hard finding a doc who will do PCL surgery! I have an appt with my fifth knee doctor in 4 days!all the docs say I need PCL surgery but they all don’t do it but have to see what # 5 has to say! He is the PCL specialist! Bilateral torn menicus, fractured patella, and torn PCL is the pits!! And Im too young for a knee replacement they say! They keep me waiting I will be old enough!

  8. 99BLKPSD says:

    shit.i was 18 yrs old when they said I needed replacement surgery.Torn ACL,MCL and PCL and fractured patella

  9. kjfoster23 says:

    how old are you? i’m very arthritic in my right knee now becuase 75 percent of my meniscus was removed in the first ACL/ MCL reconstruction when i was twelve. Have you looked at cartilage transplants and implants? i’m hoping to get one this fall. i think a lot depends on where you go.

  10. SSweet001 says:

    I’m not sure when you posted your comments but I will tell you that I’m 47 and I had a TKR done on 8/5/08. If you can tolerate pain meds you’ll do fine. Look for a doctor using the Zimmer Knee, it’s less invasive and made for women. I hope this helps if not too late.Marsha