This is waaaay too scary…I’m I psychic? Why does he contact me every time I think of him?

My fiancé and I broke up last winter and relocated to the west coast because of his job. His mom and I stayed connected here and there. About 4 months after the breakup I finally agreed to an amicable even though he wanted us to establish a long distance relationship. Every single time I think of him, he would either call or text me. For example I would either replay good or bad moments of our relationship in my head, or just wonder how well he is adjusting to his new state, and like clockwork I would hear from him!

This occurs at the most unpredictable moments, two in particular that was frightening. As a nurse working the night shift, I thought about him around 3am after I finished charting and BOOM my cell phone vibrated with a text message saying that he is coming to town on a job training.

I was locked out of my apartment one morning around 8am and had to wait in my car until the management office opens up to let me in. I stayed in my car coming from work. I was bored to death and after having a review of my life, I included thoughts of him. Again instantly I got a text message from him saying “hello” which scared me half to death. I was on a 15 hour road trip and our favorite song came out which I sang very loudly and when I stopped for gas and check my phone, I had a miss call from him.

Just now I woke up an hour early as I’m about to go to work. I laid in bed and thought of what life would have been like if we were married. I decided to get up and check my phone that was on silent and I received a video message with two golden hearts with a long song playing in the background. The attached note said “when all else fail, you can count on me”

This is driving me crazy…what does this all mean?

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7 Responses to This is waaaay too scary…I’m I psychic? Why does he contact me every time I think of him?

  1. Bubbie says:


  2. destiny of life 2^[]^2 angel says:

    I thought that you were talking about a ghost. It means that he loves you and keep thinking about you if you love him consider it as a good sign that he is romantic to check on you knowing you were alone and scare he want to cheer you up.

  3. superawesome33 says:

    u just think about him a lot

  4. David says:

    OMG, youu could liek totally be psychic1!1111one!111!!!two

    God damn, people are stupid nowadays, maybe Santa or Jesus have been dropping him dating tips.

  5. Fanshawe says:

    Yes, you are psychic. Have you considered putting this ability to good use? For example, you could help police find missing people or escaped criminals even! I think you have an exciting future ahead of you.

    Good luck xxx

  6. Taraneh says:

    Maybe it means your meant to be together because every time you think of him, he contacts you so that must mean he’s thinking of you too.
    Perhaps you too should figure this relationship out. It clearly looks like it’s meant to be.

  7. Stephanie says:

    coincidental maybe?
    maybe yall are linked telepathicly.