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RN/LPN > BSN program, would Universities accept ITT RNs?

Most universities offer an RN to BSN programs for those who got licensed through an associates degree or a diploma. I know if someone got licensed through a community college they would have no problem getting into a Uni’s RN> … Continue reading

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Would this help my chances of getting into a selective medical school?

I’m majoring in biology and chemistry and I can take four-five science courses at a time and get A’s in them, I’ve been taking full loads of classes with as many sciences courses as I can fit in each semester … Continue reading

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What would be the best Military branch for medical careers?

I am wanting to go in to Pre-Med and I heard that if you go into the Military they will pay for Med.school, I know that I would be deployed for a while after college, I am just wanting to … Continue reading

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How long would it take me to become an RN?

I am 18 years old. I graduated from gigh school. Unfortunately i didnt get the grades required to go into a four year college. I was planning on studying Fire Technology and taking EMT classes to become a firefighter. I … Continue reading

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Which would be better-to have a degree in medical assisting, or a certificate in LPN?

The pros of an LPN is that I can find a job easily, and always have a job wherever I go. The con is that it’s not an actual degree, it’s just a certificate. (I start LPN school in January) … Continue reading

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Does anyone know which nursing school would be better. Seattle University or University of Washington?

I know both are good schools. And im aware SU is slightly more expensive. But in your opinion when it comes to the nursing program itself does anyone have any opinion or advice as to which school i should choose?

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How would I become a pediatric nurse in the Air Force?

I’m considering joining the Air Force after college. I plan to major in Nursing. I was looking through nursing careers on the website and it had a neonatal nurse and a pediatric nurse listed as one of the options. Is … Continue reading

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What would be the ideal situation?

I probably will be leaving my job because my father refuses to pay for my tuition because i failed a class in my nursing program, thus kicking me out of the program. Now he refuses to pay for more education. … Continue reading

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If I already have a BS in an unrelated field, what would be the best option to becoming a nurse?

I live in Maryland and was thinking of becoming an RN. But since I already have a Bachelor’s degree (although its in a technology field), should I go for the BSN? Financially affording it is an issue also.

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Would it be possible to Study Abroad and still graduate in 3 years?

I’m a senior right now and I’m about 80% sure I’m going to end up staying in state because of financial reasons (I’ll pretty much be going for free). Anyways, the college I might go to is in a small, … Continue reading

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