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Nna insurance how does it work?

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Is It Important To Remember Nurses Work For Hospitals & Not For Cops?

This little piggy certainly didn’t think so: http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/2080982,CST-NWS-nurse03.article

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How does nursing school work?

I thought long and hard but….society has another male nurse to be!!!! Big step for me! At first I didnt want to go for the BS,.but i see there are more opportunities than the Associate’s, and im looking to keep … Continue reading

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How does the USAF nursing program work?

I’m only did 1 semester of college and plan on going back this fall,but i always wanted to join the air forces i thought the nursing program would be great.The thing is i’m not fully sure on how it works.Do … Continue reading

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How many different people work in a hospital?

My wife wrote a great article on different types of health care professionals. Here it is if you would like to read it. http://healthmad.com/health/who-is-that-health-care-professional/

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Will things work out for me?

Hi im a sophmore and im Making plans for my future. Im wondering if i can get a minimum wage job and rent a 0-0 apartment in LittleRock Arkansas and take online college. My dad will pay for my college. … Continue reading

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I want to do volunteer work with my life is that plausible?

I hate school and really want to just help the world be abetter place. I want to do work with the ocean. What is some organizations I can look into? And that doesn’t cost an arm and leg

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How difficult is it to work full time and attend nursing school?

I will be starting nursing school next year. I work full time and have a small child. My husband works full time, as well. I want to start with my RN and possibly get my BSN later on. I have … Continue reading

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Nursing major. Starting at Community College, how does this all work out?

Do I just go to community college, get some credits and a good GPA then transfer to a nursing school for my BSN? Or do I get an associate degree at the CC the transfer? Wouldn’t that mean I would … Continue reading

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Would it be hard to find work in alaska?

I would like to live up there when I graduate.. I have been there before and I loved it (I we nt to juneau or however u spell it) would it be hard to find a labor job up there?? … Continue reading

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