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i was wondering about nursing school?

does anyone have any information to aid me in how to start out in the process of starting nursing school? I am a mother that is completely clueless on the process.

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I am starting the rn nursing program in May and I am wondering if anybody knows any extra financial aid.?

I live in Arkansas.

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Wondering Dental Assistant or Medical Receptionist, which make more money?

I was going to go to school for assistant but my girlfriends did and she only made 12-15/hr now she got a medical receptionist position in a dental office and making 17 per hour. I am in ontario, canada. Who … Continue reading

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Hey I was wondering if after becoming an RN with an associates degree could you later transfer to a PA school?

I want to get my RN degree at our community collage and then later go to school to be a Physicians assistant….Is that possible and can some of the RN courses transfer to the PA degree? Please help me out!! … Continue reading

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