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I am a RN BSN student i graduate may 2012, want to become a midwifery nurse what is the next step i must take?

i want to know what is that i must do next i live in miami fl. i am looking for a midwife university, but i dont know what is required next is RN BSN good to get in and how … Continue reading

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I want to attend nursing school?

I want to attend nursing school in the charlotte area. Any tips on what nursing field is best?

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i’m a computer teacher in Dubai and my wife is a Staff Nurse we want to get imegretion of Canada,?

and i am from pakistan but my wife is from india we are fecing many problems,we have 4 kids and can not live in over countries, please advice us how can we migreat to canada?

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I’ve been a hospital based registered nurse for 25 years and I want out! Any ideas for a new career?

My background is in endoscopy lab and intensive care. Just burned out on the whole hospital thing. Time to brach out but nursing is all I know. Still need to make a decent income.

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Starting nursing program in Michigan want to move to Cali when I graduate?

How do I go about doing this? Will my degree from Michigan be acceptable in California or will I have to go through another program there? What about traveling nursing? Is there a special degree you can get that allows … Continue reading

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I want to be a nurse practitioner….but which one?

i want to be a nurse practitioner. but should i be a family nurse practitioner? i heard they have emergency nurse practitioner. which one is better? i LOVE helping people but also i like to stay busy!! which one meets … Continue reading

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I want to go to nursing school but am confused if this is the right decision?

Opinions from nurses about nursing? Is nursing school worth it? Will I be able to travel with a nursing career or crna career?

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I want to be a certified nurse midwife, what college is best?

I live in Oregon so I’d be more than happy to stay in state, but I was wondering what kind of education would I need and what college would be best to go to? Do I need to go to … Continue reading

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I want to do volunteer work with my life is that plausible?

I hate school and really want to just help the world be abetter place. I want to do work with the ocean. What is some organizations I can look into? And that doesn’t cost an arm and leg

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If Republicans want to solve the health-care problem, then why did they attempt to block student loan funding?

for nursing and medical students? Do Republicans think that medical students should just go out and start their own business and set aside 0,000 before going to medical school? Is it the Republican party stance that being a physician should … Continue reading

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