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Going from a lpn to a rn is this a good idea?

im graduating high school soon and i wnat to work in the medical field i want to become a rn but i cant go straight thru college due to the fact that im having a baby. People can say what … Continue reading

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Analysis this article?

“The Depression did little to alter the role of women in the American workplace. According to the 1930 census almost eleven million women, or 24.3 percent of all women in the country, were gainfully employed. Three out of every ten … Continue reading

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How come this case didn’t have broader precedent?

Mississippi University for Women v. Hogan, 458 U.S. 718 (1982) was a case decided 5-4 by the Supreme Court of the United States. The court held that the single-sex admissions policy of the Mississippi University for Women violated the Equal … Continue reading

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Would this help my chances of getting into a selective medical school?

I’m majoring in biology and chemistry and I can take four-five science courses at a time and get A’s in them, I’ve been taking full loads of classes with as many sciences courses as I can fit in each semester … Continue reading

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LGBT: What do you think about this Article?

More Medical News on Relationships with Gun Ownership; http://www.medicaldaily.com/racism-white-americans-linked-gun-ownership-and-gun-control-opposition-261618 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender/Transsexual: What do you think about this Article?

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Do I need to take this class?

I am planning on going into nursing, but can not apply to the nursing program until I have met all the pre-req’s. One of the Pre-Reqs is Elementary Algebra. However on the placement exam, I placed into intermediate Algebra. Am … Continue reading

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I want to go to nursing school but am confused if this is the right decision?

Opinions from nurses about nursing? Is nursing school worth it? Will I be able to travel with a nursing career or crna career?

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What is the difference between a PA and a NP? I am interesting in pursuing this as a career but I am not an RN

I have a BS but not in nursing. Working on Prereqs but both programs have different requirements. Trying to pick the right one. I am currently taking classes for my CNA and CMA. Which has more versatility?

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Nursing major. Starting at Community College, how does this all work out?

Do I just go to community college, get some credits and a good GPA then transfer to a nursing school for my BSN? Or do I get an associate degree at the CC the transfer? Wouldn’t that mean I would … Continue reading

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What does this mean I cant take the nclex-pn?

Theres a program at Columbia career center (missouri) for practical nursing but then it says the following: Graduation from this program does not guarantee eligibility to take the NCLEX-PN to become licensed as a Practical Nurse. Does that mean I … Continue reading

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