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Is there any site for medical research?

Is there any site for that?or kinds like that I got brain tumor Thanks

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any nurses out there to give me advice?

i’m interested in becoming a nurse i like to help people and need to work at night but i’m scared that i might make a mistake and end up killing someone or not knowing enough to really help someone like … Continue reading

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Is there any CNA requirement for nursing programs in California?

I am a junior in high school (CO) and I want to attend college in California, most likely for nursing. I know in Colorado, there is a CNA class/certification requirement before enrolling into the nursing program (my sister had to … Continue reading

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are there any nursing programs on the east coast that study abroad?

i live in central Pennsylvania and I want to do nursing school but I want to travel too, is there a school or program that travels around the world to study and learn about nursing? preferably on the east coast

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Should our country have university health care? Or should people pay for there own healthcare?

Or should the governement have a plan for people who cannot afford health and every one who does not went should pay for a better health care plan? This to me is a very tough call. I believe that everyone … Continue reading

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are there any colleges in NH that offer programs in nursing?

I want to be a pediatric nurse practitioner, so if there is a school that offers a program for that that would be great!!!!

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I am a stay at home mom looking to get into health field. Are there any legit. online courses for nursing?

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Is there anywhere I can go after LPN license besides RN?

I’m in school for my LPN license right now and i’ll be finished in June. I don’t mind being an LPN, but I don’t want to do it forever because i’m still young (20) and I’d like to make a … Continue reading

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What advancements are there in MEDICAL CODING?

I was denied acceptance for radiology due to a DUI Needless to say I was disapointed as I had my heart stuck on it, not to mention the pay is amazing. Counsellor suggested medical coding and billing to me…I dont … Continue reading

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To all the nurses out there or people who know a nurse personally could you please tell me..?

What degree do you or the person you know has? Do they just have a general RN or they have a BSN or what? Just interested thanks!

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