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Nursing school advice? Help? Thanks :0)?

What are the pros and cons of the RN to BSN track? Pros and con’s of a 4-year BSN track at a private school? Does anyone know about Concordia University- Portland? What about PCC and OHSU’s OCNE (oregon consortium for … Continue reading

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What please is a web address for a current, factual well written site for medical facts, articles etc. Thanks?

I write a weekly medical article and need current, interessting facts, I always have to search for hours looking thru advertisments and come ons, getting 1/8 fact and 9/8 fluff. Like to get the medical word on the street here. … Continue reading

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Whats The Difference In Money Between An Rn Nurse And A Bsn Nurse? Thanks?

Many times they make the same amounts initially, when they first start out working after they receive their nurse’s license. However, BSN’s can grow into management and director positions, where as RN’s wouldn’t get there as quickly, if at all. … Continue reading

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