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is Computer Science harder than Nursing?

what should I take ..which one do you think is easier.. well I’m more interested in Computer than learning science and stuff.. I hate chemistry ..i think i have to take chemistry also in COmputer science .. I have multi-media … Continue reading

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I can’t decide what to major in…..nursing for the big money or human services which pays less than half….?

but is much more interesting to me….I have always had a strong interest in psychology, and chose nursing ot go into psych nursing. But the nursing program is competative and hard, and I’m wondering if I can take the stress … Continue reading

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Is it better to go to a college than a trade school to become a Medical Assistant?

I am enrolled in a community college taking pre-requisite classes right now. I am just wondering if I am wasting my time and money by going to a college for medical assistant or if I should just go to a … Continue reading

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Is the NHS more effective than the US health system in meeting the needs of their citizens?

The National Healthcare Service is more effective than the US healthcare system in meeting the needs of their citizens: how fair is this claim? Are there any sources (books, articles, net) that can help me to answer this question?

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What are Different types of Health Certifications that can be completed in less than 2 months?

I am Currently a Human Services major but would like to take a certification class in the health are field over the summer. I dont really know whats out there I’m currently looking into becoming a CNA but would like … Continue reading

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Would it be more beneficial for an RN to get a bachelors in science in managment rather than a BSN pay wise?

I am currently and LPN about to bridge over to RN and was just thinking about how RN’s with associates degrees make the same amount as RN’s with BSN. Sure the RN with BSN will have better opportunities, but would … Continue reading

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where can I find articles on the disciplinary process in nursing no later than 2003?

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What Is The Difference Between Having An Associates Than A Bachelors Degree For Nursing?

Here is the deal, I am trying to pursue a degree in nursing at the moment. I don’t want to be a nurse for the rest of my life. I plan on getting another degree in biopsychology. So the nursing … Continue reading

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