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Review on Texas A&M Nursing program?

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Can I get a nursing license in Texas if I am a convicted felon?

My felony is drining while intoxicated with a minor child and it was about 7 years ago. Can I still ger a nursing license?

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which RN nursing program is best utmb or texas tech?

I was accepted to the RN-BSN program at both Texas Tech and UTMB. Which one is best?

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i have a texas RN license and want to know how to get an illinois license?

please provide me the links and requirements needed in obtaining the license

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What are the prereqs for south Texas college allied nursing school?

Planning to take my prereqs in Kansas and going to nursing school in South TX…

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where can I find information on nursing programs for anyone interested in becoming a nurse in texas.?

looking for facilities that allow you to train as a nurse and will pay for the nursing school on the terms you will sign a contract to work for that company for so many years after graduation. facility will also … Continue reading

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does anyone know of this study done in Texas about cats in nursing homes?

I heard that they determined that those nursing homes who allow cats have lower medication costs. I would like to find this article somewhere online. Can anyone help? thanks.

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Part-time nursing schools in Texas?

Does anybody know if there are any part-time BSN nursing programs in Texas. I am not an RN so it would be for the BSN with required prerequisites. Thank You.

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Hospital based Nursing programs in Texas?

Does anyone know if there are any Hospital based training/education programs to become a nurse instead of the traditional college programs in the state of Texas?

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What are some good nursing universities in Texas?

I’m looking for some good nursing universities or colleges in Texas. And if you can please post a link to the website on information to apply,cost, or just give me the homepage. Thank you.

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