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Need Advice for Nursing Students!!?

It’s first semester of my freshmen year of college and I’m a nursing student. I want more than anything to be a nurse and I have 3 C’s on my report card. I passed all the requirements but who wants … Continue reading

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Any current Job Corps students who can answer a few questions?

I have been looking into Job Corps for about 4 months now, and I hear it’s a great program with many windows of opportunities. I would really like to attend beauty college, and some sites say that they have Cosmetology … Continue reading

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When do students actually go out into the hospitals and work in nursing schools?

I plan to attend a nursing school in southern california but i wanted to know when exactly do you go out and go to the hospitals for clinicals and work and learn there.

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Does University of Arkansas-LR have a BSN nursing program for prospective students?

I was wondering if UALR had a nursing program for the prospective students entering college. Someone told me that you can only get into the program if you’re already a RN with a nursing diploma or Associate degree in nursing. … Continue reading

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I have a question for lpn /Rn students do you guys practice on each other for drawing blood?

………………. Im just curious to know

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Do CRNA programs accept students who got their RN-BSN online?

If I get my RN at an accredited university and then do an accredited RN-BSN online is that acceptable for CRNA programs? That way I could get my ICU experience while I complete my BSN. And if so what accreditation … Continue reading

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Can you give me sites/links regarding students’ performance in medical-surgical nursing?Pls. paste the links.?

The title of our research is “FACTORS AFFECTING THE STUDENTS’ PERFORMANCE IN MEDICAL SURGICAL NURSING CONCEPTS” I’m going to make the introduction so please provide me with articles to put into my introduction I’m helpless please help me!

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where do you get free nursing care plans for students to use?

I need nursing interventions and expected out comes on an infant with a cephalohematoma I own the care plan book but nothing is directed on infants……I need help with this

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‘scrubs’: Nursing Program Preps Students For Surgery At Gcc

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Online Nursing Degree for Aspiring Students

The demand for online nursing degrees has increased to manifold looking at the demand of qualified nurses across the globe. The girls, who want to make career in nursing, start preparations right from their high school days. The number of … Continue reading

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