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Should our country have university health care? Or should people pay for there own healthcare?

Or should the governement have a plan for people who cannot afford health and every one who does not went should pay for a better health care plan? This to me is a very tough call. I believe that everyone … Continue reading

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Should I go to University of Arkansas or Arkansas State University?

Hi I am a senior in High school and I was wondering which school is better. University of Ark. or Arkansas state university. I am really trying to decide since U of A deadline is in January. I have already … Continue reading

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What classes should I take for physical therapist?

Ok..I plan on going to a community college for a year to get back in the jist of being in school again…but my ultimate goal for that,,is to eventually transfer to a university become a PT..im new to the whole … Continue reading

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Which Universities should I apply to?

I am going into grade 12 this year and I need to figure out which universities I should apply to. I need help narrowing down my list of potential universities. Also, any advice on what qualities are important when picking … Continue reading

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Where should I begin to become a Nurse?

I am a CNA so I am not afraid of what a job of a nurse intails. But I would really love to become an RN. I am not the best with math or science and I know that those … Continue reading

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Which school should I attend? Advice or personal experience is helpful!?

I don’t know anything about how good schools are but I was wondering if you guys knew which school would be considered the ‘best’ academically and in consideration to majors such as nursing or occupational therapy. Also if you had … Continue reading

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Where should I start for a future in the nursing career?

I plan on going to nursing school in the fall but in the mean time I’m going to work at a retirement home. I have the option to pick a CNA (certified nurses assistant) route or to be a geriatric … Continue reading

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In what area should you get a bachelors degree if you are going into the medical field?

I know it has to be something in science does anyone know about which bachelors degrees you should have before going into the MD program at a medical school?

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What lap top should a nursing student get?

I’m going to be going through a nursing program with my local community college (probably starting winter term) and I know I will be needed a laptop. I just don’t know what kind of laptop I should be looking at … Continue reading

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What should your blood pressure be when you are walking around or excercising?

There are so many articles about the normal 120/80 but that is for when you are at rest. So what about during your normal daily activity, surely it would be rising and fluctuating. What would a healthy range be though?

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