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Nursing Schools: University of Delaware vs. West Chester U?

If you have been or heard anything about them please include pros and cons.. which has better state board exam scores? (one of the biggest interests right now) Also.. any other nursing schools with high acing scores on the state … Continue reading

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what are the top nursing schools in south dakota?

I have a few years before college but I already know I want to go to south dakota. ive been looking for a list of the top nursing school but cant find any. does anyone know?(: preferred to be close … Continue reading

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Do online schools for nursing programs, offer any internships or hands on training?

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Good Nursing Schools In (Southern) California?

Hello there: I’m a high school junior now and I am looking into some colleges that I can apply to in the southern California region next year. I took the SAT and got a 1850 (580 Reading 620 Math 650 … Continue reading

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Schools With Nursing Abroad Programs?

I’m currently a high school Junior in the United States and I am very interested in going into a nursing field. I’m looking for colleges right now and I’m wondering if anyone knows of any good schools with service abroad … Continue reading

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How much do the online schools charge to be RN with a Bachelors degree?

I want to encourage my wife, but I don’t want to get her hopes up if we can’t afford it until later. I don’t want a bunch of marketing phone calls either, so I don’t want to give out our … Continue reading

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Anyone know any nursing schools in MA?

so i was looking up colleges and i want to go to a nursing college in MA. if anyone can give me a college and a link to it that would be great! thank you!!!!

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Nursing Schools in California?

So what’s the criteria to become a nurse? Major/classes requirements? Could someone please provide any useful links or information? Thanks!!!

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Which are the cheapest junior colleges and nursing schools in the United States? In which cities and states?

I also want to know if some of them are in the least expensive cities to live in.

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Nursing Schools in San Diego?

I would love to get some advice from some actual nurses who have gone or are attending nursing school in So Cal, preferably San Diego. I am not at all sure where to start, I just know that I would … Continue reading

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