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English Speaking Nursing School in Bangkok?

Are there any nursing educations in Bangkok taught in English? How long does the education take and what is the proximate total tuition? What are the requirements for enrollment? Do you have any recommendations of specific schools? Of what nationalities … Continue reading

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Medicine and the School Nurse?

In the state of Texas can the school nurse administer common drugs like tylenol/ ibuprofen that they have on sight? Or are they not allowed to administer any medicine unless brought in by a parent. I really appreciate your input. … Continue reading

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hate nursing school!?

i am in nursing school and so depressed. i’m always studying all the time, but i feel like i can be doing better. i hate clinicals, because i feel like i’m always being criticized. it makes me feel like such … Continue reading

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Is it difficult for an RN with a BSN/Premed to go on to Med School?

As of right now I am going for my BSN to be an RN. But I am considering this would be more solid way to go to med school, keeping aware of the cost.

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Do you have nursing school tips?

I’m 16, and want to start on a good path towards nursing school. So for all you nurses/doctors/etc, I would really appreciate your honest answers for these questions: How long have you worked in the medical field? What do you … Continue reading

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Nursing School Worries?

I will be starting nursing school on August 20th and I must say I am very worried. All my life I’ve felt stupid and backwards. I struggled to maintain a 3.5 throughout high school and a 3.6 throughout college. Now … Continue reading

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What is UPENN Nursing School like?

UPENN, is my dream school! I have never imagined myself going anywhere else ( Not to say I don’t have back up plans ) and I am actually going to go see it this summer! All the reviews I’ve ever … Continue reading

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failed nursing school?

for those that failed nursing school, did you do well the second time around? what did you do differently? Since you already knew the material, was it a little bit easier to pass the 2nd time aruond?

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Question about nursing and nursing school ?

OK I am looking forward to go to school for nursing. I would like to be an obstetrical nurse and be able to care for patients while in labor, pushing and post partum. I would like no limitations in what … Continue reading

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Nursing school advice? Help? Thanks :0)?

What are the pros and cons of the RN to BSN track? Pros and con’s of a 4-year BSN track at a private school? Does anyone know about Concordia University- Portland? What about PCC and OHSU’s OCNE (oregon consortium for … Continue reading

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