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How does someone become a Registered Nurse?

I am doing a report for one of my classes and I need to know what education is necessary for the occupation. Also what medical degrees and the Malpractice Insurance fee.

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what are some of the job duties of Registered Nurses?

I am switching majors in school. I want to try to get into the RN program at my local community college. I am aware of some of the basic duties such as injections, suctioning, and sponge baths. I know that … Continue reading

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what schools online do the registered nursing program?

i have searched online for a school but all i keep getting is RN to BSN and im just trying to get my RN. can anyone help? i am in CT. i only want online classes though

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I’ve been a hospital based registered nurse for 25 years and I want out! Any ideas for a new career?

My background is in endoscopy lab and intensive care. Just burned out on the whole hospital thing. Time to brach out but nursing is all I know. Still need to make a decent income.

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Do registered nurses and/or doctors/surgeons have to retake certification examinations every few years…….?

do they have to do that? because i know that physician assistants need to retake those exams every six years to continue being certified

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Im interested in becoming a Registered Nurse any advice on where to go?

I’m 17,graduating in June/July with a high school diploma.I’m interested in the field an any advice would really help.

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Can you become a Registered Nurse at a community college (2 year program) and make a good living for yourself?

I am thinking about becoming a registered nurse and there is a community college down the street from me. I am thinking about becoming a Registered Nurse but will i be able to by doing a community college program. what … Continue reading

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Can a virginia resident take an online rn course and become a registered nurse?

I have heard that va passed a new law stating that they did not accredit online programs.

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How can I become a Registered Nurse in California?

I live in Los Angeles, I need some advice on where I can start. All I have is my high school diploma Thank you

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What are specific steps in becoming a registered nurse after high school?

Can you apply for a community college nursing program right after high school? what can you do if you decide to go to a University with a nursing program? how long does it take to be able to apply to … Continue reading

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