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Question about nursing and nursing school ?

OK I am looking forward to go to school for nursing. I would like to be an obstetrical nurse and be able to care for patients while in labor, pushing and post partum. I would like no limitations in what … Continue reading

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MGIB / Student education plan question?

Last semester I had to get a new student education plan in order to keep getting paid to attend classes. As it goes right now, come spring, I will only have 1 class left to take off my “education plan.” … Continue reading

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RN to LPN question?

well I have a couple of questions about the nursing field in general since I am thinking about becoming an Rn and then working part time as an Rn while going to school to become a LPN so heres my … Continue reading

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Army ROTC Schools Question?

What schools can contracted cadets go to during the summer besides airborne and air assault?

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BSN programs question ? ?

I have gotten my GED for personal reasons, I want to become a NICU nurse however here in Arkansas, nursing schools don’t make the BSN qualifications very clear! I want to go the traditional 4 year BSN route so I’m … Continue reading

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Nursing Program schedule question?

Ok I’m currently at a University with a VERY VERY competitive nursing program, I’m currently enrolled in all the required classes for pre-nurisng and will be applying in March and will find out wether I’m accepted or not in May. … Continue reading

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Question about the elderly and Medicare?

My inlaws live in South Carolina. They are both diabetic, so is my uncle who lives with them. They are having a hard time taking care of themselves and it’s getting really hard for my sister in law to take … Continue reading

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Please help me Asap!! got a really important question?

Anyone know of any nursing homes in Rhode Island that offer cna training? If SO please give me as many details, websites or links as possible thanks…

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Do I have the right to question what my boyfriend’s doing with his future and making poor choices?

I’m 24 years old, in nursing school and I still live with my parents. I’ve been dating my current boyfriend for more than 8 months and he’s a year older than me and still lives at home with his father. … Continue reading

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Question about kennesaw state university’s nursing program and education program?

Does any one know the steps to get in the nursing program at kennesaw state and the steps to get in the early childhood education program? I have looked around the website aA LOT and cant find these things. could … Continue reading

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