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Public Health to Nursing?

I have a Bachelors degree in Public Health. I am now wanting to make the transition Nursing my biggest concern is can I do a MSN and become a nurse. My public health degree really covered my research abilities, and … Continue reading

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How do I transition from being a nurse with a BSN to being a public health educator?

I am a new RN and I am interested in the education aspect of health and I want to know how to transition from being an RN to being an educator as well in the field of health education.

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What might be the benefit to not offering public health care in a country?

I just started Social Studies (History) and my assignment is about Egalitarianism. I don’t know much about the US. A link to discussion about the topic is fine. Any help is appreciated. Q: What might be the benefit to not … Continue reading

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I have a Bachelor’s in Public Health and I’d like to become a nurse. What do I do?

I keep reading about MSN or BSN and my head is all over the place! Does anyone know exactly what I’m supposed to do? Are you aware of any great California programs? Thank you!

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can I work as a public health nurse with just an associates degree (RN) in nursing?

I am 48 and have to start a new career, but I don’t want to work in a hospital. I like the thought of working with the public. I should also add that I am trying to pick between becoming … Continue reading

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I want to join Public Health Services as RN BSN. How often they get new assignments and for how long they are?

Is a Public Health Corp good idea or it is better to join US Air Force?

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You Can Nurse in Public

How many times have you decided not to go out in public because you knew it was almost time for your baby to eat? How many times did you leave early because your baby needed to eat? You won’t have … Continue reading

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