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Review on Texas A&M Nursing program?

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RN/LPN > BSN program, would Universities accept ITT RNs?

Most universities offer an RN to BSN programs for those who got licensed through an associates degree or a diploma. I know if someone got licensed through a community college they would have no problem getting into a Uni’s RN> … Continue reading

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do you have to….. for nursing program?

do you have to move to the UCF campus in orlando florida if you want to be in the nursing program there???? yea i wanted to know whether i had to live on campus to do the nursing program there. … Continue reading

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Can I attend the Nursing program at a community college at 15 years old?

I’d love to become an RN, and will be getting my GED.

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What university in California has the best Nursing Program?

I’m only looking at CSU’s not UC’s

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LPN to RN bridge program then to NP nursing?

lets say a person starts off with vocational LPN class then takes a bridge program to become RN, what is the best way to continue to NP considering that they haven’t been to college yet? Correct me if I’m wrong … Continue reading

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Navy Nursing Program, Help!?

My Sister is thinking about joining the the Navy Nurses medical corps/ scholar ship program. I feel that she really doesn’t understand what all she is getting into she just thinks shes going to be in California and not go … Continue reading

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What is the ADN program? Associates Degree in Nursing (California)?

I have a very broad understanding of this program. How does it differ from a Nursing vocational/training school? What are the steps I need to take and which schools would you recommend? Does the school need to be accredited? Please … Continue reading

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Does UK(University of Kentucky) have a good Pre-Med program?

I want to be a pediatrician and it seem liked a great school for PreMed.

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What can I do to better my chances of getting into the nursing program?

My grades are not that great. Lets say I have a 3.1 gpa with Cs in my science courses, but I am CNA certified and have a lot of volunteer hours at hospitals and clinics, will I still have a … Continue reading

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