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Advice on nursing school please?

I am starting graduate nursing school in january at DePaul in Chicago. My financial aid just came in and it goes by quarter system. The financial package show grad plus loan of 36,000 for both winter and spring quarter. I … Continue reading

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Nursing College/University in Ontario help please?

hey guys, i’m in 2nd year of a BSc program at waterloo university. i don’t really know what it is i want to do in terms of career, but know it will be health care. i hate the whole idea … Continue reading

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Collage help needed please?

I’m only a freshman in HS but i want to get an idea of colleges now. I live right by Manchester New Hampshire.There is a few things/requirements i would like have met they are listed as follow. I want to … Continue reading

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How hard is the nursing program? ( please read full paragraph first!)?

I am going to start the nursing program in January and was wondering how hard it is. I had all As in micro, physio and anatomy but have a 3.3 GPA. I took all my pre-reqs one at a time … Continue reading

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University of Washington v.s. University of Delaware? (please help me)?

I have lived in CT my whole life and college is just around the corner. I’m looking into going into either nursing or physical therapy. My 2 top choices are U Washington and U Delaware. I want to know which … Continue reading

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To all the nurses out there or people who know a nurse personally could you please tell me..?

What degree do you or the person you know has? Do they just have a general RN or they have a BSN or what? Just interested thanks!

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Please help me Asap!! got a really important question?

Anyone know of any nursing homes in Rhode Island that offer cna training? If SO please give me as many details, websites or links as possible thanks…

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What are the different levels of nursing? Can someone please explain them?

I am finishing my BS in Biology with a minor in Gerontology. I have been looking at going into nursing school, but I do not understand all the different types of nurses (RN, ASN, BSN, MSN, etc). How long does … Continue reading

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Which Universities Have The Best Nursing Programs, Please Help?

I live in Los Angeles, and I’ve heard that UCLA, UC Berkley, and UC San Fransisco have the top nursing programs. What do you think?

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Please can i have some advice on my child nursing interview for uni?

just any hints or tips on the types of questions, what to say, and pretty much any up to date info that you reckon i’ll need to know before i go!? please help im really nervous & want it so … Continue reading

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