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Review on Texas A&M Nursing program?

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LPN to RN articulation model for nursing?

Hi I’m almost done with my LPN program and will take the NCLEX. I’m confident I’ll pass since I’ve been an excellent student since day one and would like to continue to the RN program. However, I was reading a … Continue reading

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Nursing Schools: University of Delaware vs. West Chester U?

If you have been or heard anything about them please include pros and cons.. which has better state board exam scores? (one of the biggest interests right now) Also.. any other nursing schools with high acing scores on the state … Continue reading

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English Speaking Nursing School in Bangkok?

Are there any nursing educations in Bangkok taught in English? How long does the education take and what is the proximate total tuition? What are the requirements for enrollment? Do you have any recommendations of specific schools? Of what nationalities … Continue reading

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York Univeristy or Ryerson University for Nursing?

I want to become a Registered Nurse. Is it better to go to York or Ryerson? I also am very bad at math, I plan on taking Data Management but I don’t think I will get into university if I … Continue reading

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Nursing: Decision-making tools?

Can you give me some tools(methodologies or processes, or the like) used in making decisions in the field of Nursing?

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What is the Demand for nurses… also can you get a job with an associates in nursing?

Hello all. I am in an Associates program in Nursing in NYC. I just wonder if I would be able to get a job after college in 2 years as a registered nurse with an associates. I spoke to a … Continue reading

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hate nursing school!?

i am in nursing school and so depressed. i’m always studying all the time, but i feel like i can be doing better. i hate clinicals, because i feel like i’m always being criticized. it makes me feel like such … Continue reading

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what are the top nursing schools in south dakota?

I have a few years before college but I already know I want to go to south dakota. ive been looking for a list of the top nursing school but cant find any. does anyone know?(: preferred to be close … Continue reading

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The BSN nursing degree and the RN? NURSES!?

Why do RN nurses get paid more than BSN nurses? I thought to become a BSN it required more schooling. I’m looking into becoming a nurse. Please explain…?

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