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How to become an obstetrics nurse?

I plan on going to a 2 yr community college .. they offer registered professional nursing degree and lpn certificate.. does it matter which one i do to become a ob nurse? and then what should i do after that?

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Im desperately wanting to become a Nurse?

I live in NYC tri-state area, and is in need of the right nursing school. I wanted to become a nurse as long as I can remember, but trying to pursue this in NY is kind of hard and competitive. … Continue reading

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Medicine and the School Nurse?

In the state of Texas can the school nurse administer common drugs like tylenol/ ibuprofen that they have on sight? Or are they not allowed to administer any medicine unless brought in by a parent. I really appreciate your input. … Continue reading

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becoming a nurse????????

if i were to graduate with a BSc in biology, is there some program that i could take to become a nurse or would i just have to start all over again and get do a 4 year nursing program?

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I am a RN BSN student i graduate may 2012, want to become a midwifery nurse what is the next step i must take?

i want to know what is that i must do next i live in miami fl. i am looking for a midwife university, but i dont know what is required next is RN BSN good to get in and how … Continue reading

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How does someone become a Registered Nurse?

I am doing a report for one of my classes and I need to know what education is necessary for the occupation. Also what medical degrees and the Malpractice Insurance fee.

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How do you become a Nurse? (Doctors without Borders)?

I really want to become a nurse for children. (Pediatric nurse?) Would it be a good job profession? Especially if I’d like to volunteer/work abroad as a nurse? I’m also confused about the process of becoming one. Do you go … Continue reading

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Pediatric oncology nurse?

I’m a sophomore and I’ve decided last year that I wanted to be an oncology nurse. I know this may be a little early but I want to be prepared and ahead. I like helping people and cancer has always … Continue reading

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whats it like to be a nurse?

just wondering what nursing is like ?is anybody a nurse, because i would to take a career pathway in nursing and i would like to know everything there is to know abotu nursing.

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How many years does it take to become a neonatal nurse practitioner?

i plan on being a neonatal nurse practitioner. im in 11th grade and i live in south carolina. i want to go to university of south carolina (columbia) or clemson university. does any of these colleges have good medical programs? … Continue reading

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