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Do I need to get an LPN before an RN? -Queens, New York?

I have a BA in communications. I would like to do a career change into Nursing. Will I need to start over and get an Associates degree, LPN or can I just jump to an RN concentration? I am also … Continue reading

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Need Advice for Nursing Students!!?

It’s first semester of my freshmen year of college and I’m a nursing student. I want more than anything to be a nurse and I have 3 C’s on my report card. I passed all the requirements but who wants … Continue reading

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Nursing School: I need some advice.?

I am a first year nursing student in Canada. I started this September and I am in my first semester. I’ve done well so far in all my exams, tests, quizzes, and assignments. I chose nursing because i thought it … Continue reading

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NURSES: I really need advice?

I’m severely regretting my career choice. I recently became an RN, and currently still work as a nurse’s aide in a small, community hospital. I googled “I hate being a nurse” (out of curiosity) and I was really saddened by … Continue reading

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BSN or ADN- Need RN’s ADVICE!!?

I am applying to nursing school this summer and I have hit somewhat of a speed bump. I am attending National university and was intending on applying to their generic BSN program. I am looking at other schools as well. … Continue reading

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Need advice about pre health degree and nursing?

Im a junior in a 4 year institute. My major is pre health I plan to become a physical therapist. I wanted to know once I graduate with my baclores what could I get a job in? I was also … Continue reading

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i need to find job fairs in the houston ,maryland and D.C. area for healthcare professionals?

i am seeking nurse practioners for a retail clinic

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I really need Nurses or others with knowledge on Nursing…?

I’m extremely interested in becoming a L&D nurse. I do mean EXTREMELY! I know that I need at least an Associates Degree in Nursing, and I’ve tried to figure out what I need to do to proceed with this dream, … Continue reading

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Do I need to take this class?

I am planning on going into nursing, but can not apply to the nursing program until I have met all the pre-req’s. One of the Pre-Reqs is Elementary Algebra. However on the placement exam, I placed into intermediate Algebra. Am … Continue reading

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How many years of college do you need to have to become a nurse?

I really want a job in the medical field and I need to know how many years! Thanks:)

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