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I am a RN BSN student i graduate may 2012, want to become a midwifery nurse what is the next step i must take?

i want to know what is that i must do next i live in miami fl. i am looking for a midwife university, but i dont know what is required next is RN BSN good to get in and how … Continue reading

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10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer!?

http://godisimaginary.com/video10.htm Watch it. Very education well thought out examples with no foul language or anything. Any Christians who actually watch it, i give you props. Or read the transcript: Transcript In this short video, I am going to assume that … Continue reading

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Information on an Online Nursing Degree you Must Know

Nursing education is fast gaining popularity as this career path can be lucrative and satisfying. Before online education became popular, taking a nursing degree requires huge commitment and time. As many who wants to take the course are already working … Continue reading

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I Am Interested In Attending Nursing School, If One Must Work, What Some Good Jobs To Apply For ?

I have been researching the possibility of going to nursing school. I am a single and really only have my living expenses to care for. My concern is attending school and finding employment that will be compatible to my goals(and … Continue reading

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