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How do these links make you feel and think about male circumcision?

Link 1) “Circumcisers: What drives their knives?” http://www.cirp.org/pages/cultural/glass0/ Quote: “”Babies scream so hard that they end up with their faces red and mouths wide open with no sound coming out. I had to hold their heads to the side because … Continue reading

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is urinary catherization painful for an adult male?

have seen nurse training video on subject where patient is emitting both sounds of pain and facial expressions certainly indicate same. the nurse inserting the catheter tells him 4-5 times “i’m sorry, i know this hurts” and he is literally … Continue reading

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Gynecomastia Documentary (male Breasts)

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Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein – Surgical Hairline Advancement Procedure On A Male Patient

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