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Cal poly pomona has nursing major?

which school is best cal state college for nursing major except long beach? i hear that long beach is best nursing school. is that true? and also i heard that cal LA is good school for nursing too. cal poly … Continue reading

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CSULB undeclared to nursing major?

Hi, should I attend csulb as an undeclared major if I cant get in with a pre-nursing major or should I attend a CC first and then transfer into csulb’s BSN program? Has anyone had experience or know how hard … Continue reading

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I’m thinking of changing my major to nursing. Anyone in nursing school right now?

Do you think it will be easy or hard to find a nursing job within the next few years? I know its not gonna be easy work but on a scale of 1-10 how hard do you think it was?

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Premed/Nursing Major?

I’m currently a Premed/Biology Major but lately I’ve been wondering if the going into Nursing will improve my chances of getting into Med school. I want to major in something that will give me some medical experience. Will it help … Continue reading

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Do you think Practical Nursing is a good major? Why? What do they do?

I am a senior confused about her major

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I can’t decide what to major in…..nursing for the big money or human services which pays less than half….?

but is much more interesting to me….I have always had a strong interest in psychology, and chose nursing ot go into psych nursing. But the nursing program is competative and hard, and I’m wondering if I can take the stress … Continue reading

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Is it dumb to major in nursing and minor in spanish?

I really wanted to minor in spanish because I like the language and I love the culture in Latin America. I was looking forward to the study abroad program, but everyone is telling me that it’s pointless in minoring in … Continue reading

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Nursing major. Starting at Community College, how does this all work out?

Do I just go to community college, get some credits and a good GPA then transfer to a nursing school for my BSN? Or do I get an associate degree at the CC the transfer? Wouldn’t that mean I would … Continue reading

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Major in college on becoming dental hygienists?

I want to be dental hygienists and am not sure what major to take in college beside biology. Should I double major? If so, what’s the second major that goes along the job path of dental hygienists?

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Can anyone offer advice on becoming a Nursing Major?

I’m becoming a nursing major and I would like to know if there is any pertinant information out htere that I should know that will help make my studies easier. Im studying at Bradley University and Im getting really nervous … Continue reading

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