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where to live down south for nursing school?

i live in a small town in Massachusetts right now. i just graduated high school and am enrolled in a community college in my area. i have been thinking about moving down south for school next year. i am going … Continue reading

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Should I do nursing school in the state I live in, or the state i’m moving to?

Currently own a home in Cleveland, OH where the community college RN degree is approx. ,000. We are looking into moving to Oregon or San Antonio, Texas. Feel free to write about other aspects of these places besides nursing programs!

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Anyone tell me cost of living for RN/BSN in Chicago? Salary? Best area in chicago to live?

I am getting my BSN/RN and thinking of where I want to settle down after school. I’ll have no debt from college-thank God. I’m a single mother (1 son). young, attractive and thinking of settling down in chicago. Anyone tell … Continue reading

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How can I legally work and live in the US?

Guys first of all let me say I am not your typical Mexican. I am 33 and was born, raised and live in Tijuana Mexico across from San Diego CA. I am a music artist just signed by a record … Continue reading

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Where to live outside of Vancouver, British Columbia?

I am currently living in South Florida, but want a drastic change and thinking of moving somewhere near Vancouver, Canada. I’m thinking of moving to a smaller town outside of the city itself, but still within reasonable driving distance. I … Continue reading

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What is the best state to work and live in as an LPN/RN. Looking for great wages and comfortable living.?

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Live Webcast: Laparoscopic Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass

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Getting A Nursing Degree In The State I Live Then Moving Out Of State For A Job. How Does This Work?

I am from Florida and want to get a nursing degree in Florida. Then I want to get a job in Colorado. Must I retake the medical exame in Colorado even though I will have passed the exam in Florida. … Continue reading

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Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (bhr) Technique In Live Webcast

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How Does Anyone Really Get Through Nursing School And Live To Tell The Tale?

I’m in my first semester and I think I am losing sight of the prize. To think I still have three semesters to go. Everything just seems difficult, the information you are supposed to retain and clinical classes. Got any … Continue reading

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