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What is UPENN Nursing School like?

UPENN, is my dream school! I have never imagined myself going anywhere else ( Not to say I don’t have back up plans ) and I am actually going to go see it this summer! All the reviews I’ve ever … Continue reading

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What is Seattle Washington like?

I was thinking of moving to Seattle for school… (Planning on being a RN). I have no idea how it is like up there, im from Central California, its 60% hot all the time here and rains like 40% of … Continue reading

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whats it like to be a nurse?

just wondering what nursing is like ?is anybody a nurse, because i would to take a career pathway in nursing and i would like to know everything there is to know abotu nursing.

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Will I like living in Louisiana?

I’m a junior in high school and this is the time of the year we start talking about college decisions. I’ve already made up my mind that I want to leave this area and go south. I live in Northern … Continue reading

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what’s it like being a nurse?

i was thinking of going into nursing for awhile, eventually i want to own my own business in natural therapy and healing but im really interested in the nursing feild but i want to know how the job is, i … Continue reading

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What is the University of Pennsylvania like? (the ivy league one)?

What is the University of Pennsylvania like? If you are in the nursing program there or know someone in the nursing program at upenn then what is it like? How are the dorms? I am African-american and since the school … Continue reading

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How much does an RN make an hour ina busy city like Philadelphia? read details?

I am going to school to be an RN and going for my BSN. How much does an RN make an hour in a busy city?

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Is becoming an RN a good start to becoming something like a doctor in the future?

I live in a city with a state college and I could get my BSN here without living off of hot pockets and ramen noodles living in another city on my own. I was wondering if I could start my … Continue reading

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I have a Bachelor’s in Public Health and I’d like to become a nurse. What do I do?

I keep reading about MSN or BSN and my head is all over the place! Does anyone know exactly what I’m supposed to do? Are you aware of any great California programs? Thank you!

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has anyone graduated from the nursing program at southern arkansas university? what was it like?

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