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Can I get a nursing license in Texas if I am a convicted felon?

My felony is drining while intoxicated with a minor child and it was about 7 years ago. Can I still ger a nursing license?

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What causes Medical License Suspension?

I was reading an article and I passed along this, what causes it?

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Is there anywhere I can go after LPN license besides RN?

I’m in school for my LPN license right now and i’ll be finished in June. I don’t mind being an LPN, but I don’t want to do it forever because i’m still young (20) and I’d like to make a … Continue reading

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Is my Florida RN license good in Mississippi, Alabama, and/or Louisiana?

I’ve just graduated from an RN program in Florida and am having trouble finding a job. I am considering moving to one of the three states listed above, but not sure if these states are reciprocal.

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Can I get a masters degree in Nursing without an RN license?

I have a BSN in Biology and want to get an MSN in Nursing. Do I have to go to nursing school first and get an Registered Nurse license?

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I’m applying for nursing school to get my LPN license, I am now studying to take the entrance exam. Can anyone

give me suggestions on what I should focus most of my attention on? I am from Mississippi, and I have been to one year of community college, which is the same one I’m going back to. When there I was … Continue reading

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i have a texas RN license and want to know how to get an illinois license?

please provide me the links and requirements needed in obtaining the license

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Nursing student in KY needing information about getting my nursing license in California after I graduate?

I’m currently in Kentucky enrolled in a BSN program for nursing. I will graduate this December and am trying to think ahead on where to work. My boyfriend is living in California and that is where we want to live … Continue reading

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where do I go to get my CNA license in Hawaii?

I want to get my CNA license while I work to getting into the nursing program here in Hawaii. I live in Pearl City, HI. I would like to know where to go to get my CNA? Preferably somewhere close … Continue reading

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how long can i go without working to keep my RN BSN license?

i am a RNBSN. how long can i go without working in order to keep my license. i am on disability. what do i need to do to keep them active besides work. can i do other things ie: volunteer, … Continue reading

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