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Anyone know any nursing schools in MA?

so i was looking up colleges and i want to go to a nursing college in MA. if anyone can give me a college and a link to it that would be great! thank you!!!!

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Know about Wisconsin colleges?

i’m the first in my family to go to college, so I don’t know much about them. If anyone can throw in any facts (what theyre known for, etc.) that would be great! I already checked out all of their … Continue reading

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Does anyone know of some good nursing training programs in nyc?

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Does anyone know of any nursing programs online?? How about…?

What about good University programs in FL?? Looking to move there soon with someone and also looking to continue school there.

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do you know if Delaware State has any notable “first” of the institution in history?

meaning the first to have a nursing program, or maybe the first to have fraternities and sorrorities.

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How do i know if Florida National College RN program is legit?

Could you please explaing to me better. and this means what? thank you for your answer and help any more help with this please

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Does anyone know anything about Excelsior’s LPN to RN program?

Hey Everybody…here’s my story in a nutshell… I failed out of my RN program two weeks before graduating and instead ended up sitting for my lpn board. I am now an LPN in LTC and am looking into going to … Continue reading

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Does Anyone know any Medical-Based Novel?

I’m interested in reading a medical-based novel that includes difficult medical terminology. I’m not looking for a medical textbook or article, just a novel. If anyone has seen the television series House, I’m interested in reading a novel that is … Continue reading

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Does anyone know any free or cheap CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) classes near Memphis, TN or Dyersburg,TN?

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To all the nurses out there or people who know a nurse personally could you please tell me..?

What degree do you or the person you know has? Do they just have a general RN or they have a BSN or what? Just interested thanks!

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