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Would this help my chances of getting into a selective medical school?

I’m majoring in biology and chemistry and I can take four-five science courses at a time and get A’s in them, I’ve been taking full loads of classes with as many sciences courses as I can fit in each semester … Continue reading

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What can I do to better my chances of getting into the nursing program?

My grades are not that great. Lets say I have a 3.1 gpa with Cs in my science courses, but I am CNA certified and have a lot of volunteer hours at hospitals and clinics, will I still have a … Continue reading

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I am a stay at home mom looking to get into health field. Are there any legit. online courses for nursing?

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Does Ba in Health science help to get into medical school?

I am thinking about becoming a nurse, but it is too late to get in the programme now. If I get a Ba in health science, will it help me to get in the medical school easier and will I … Continue reading

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How competitive is it to get into a job as a Neonatal or a Pediatric Oncology Nurse?

I am currently doing pre-reqs for nursing school. I am going for bachelors degree. I plan on eventually getting my masters degree.

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Will already having a Bachelors degree increase my chances of being accepted into a nursing program?

I graduated in June with a degree in geography, GIS, and resource management. I have had an ongoing interest in nursing, but I chose to pursue something else. Now that I have graduated I want to return to school to … Continue reading

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In what area should you get a bachelors degree if you are going into the medical field?

I know it has to be something in science does anyone know about which bachelors degrees you should have before going into the MD program at a medical school?

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if I have to go into a nursing home, what assets will the government take before they will pay the costs?

Husband and I are in our late sixties and have no long term care insurance. We are in great health right now, but wonder about the pros and cons of buying this insurance. Will the gov take our investments and … Continue reading

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Should I do the prerequisites or Associate nursing degree to get into the Accelerated BSN program?

I have a degree in Advertising and marketing and would like to get into the accelerated nursing program…However, I need to have prerequisites…should I do the pre-requisites or associate degree. How long will doing the prerequisites take?

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Is getting your GED a bad thing if you are going into nursing school?

I am a senior in highschool. I plan on graduating, although I am behind in credits. If i do not finish in time, i planned to get my GED so I can start my nurses classes at a community college … Continue reading

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