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Information about licensed vocation nursing programs in southern california?

I want to get my LVN from a school in the san fernando valley does anyone have any information about how far an the certificate can take you, will hospitals hire a LVN? Any other information you have would be … Continue reading

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What is some information about Mexico’s food assistance program?

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What is the best newspaper with loads of information on medicine?

Hello, I am just wondering which newspaper has the most information about the latest medical developments? Thanks!

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where can I find information on nursing programs for anyone interested in becoming a nurse in texas.?

looking for facilities that allow you to train as a nurse and will pay for the nursing school on the terms you will sign a contract to work for that company for so many years after graduation. facility will also … Continue reading

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Nursing student in KY needing information about getting my nursing license in California after I graduate?

I’m currently in Kentucky enrolled in a BSN program for nursing. I will graduate this December and am trying to think ahead on where to work. My boyfriend is living in California and that is where we want to live … Continue reading

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I am doing a paper on Roy’s Adaptation Model in nursing. I need some information?

I am doing a paper on Roy’s Adaptation Model concepts related to nursing education in for the Person, Health, Environment, and Nursing. The book stores do not have any more books and I can find any any articles on this … Continue reading

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Where can I find information or is there any organizations for wet nursing?

I was curious if anyone out there knows about an organization or way one could go about becoming a wet nurse for babies in a developing country. Like traveling overseas and nursing orphan babies? I saw an article about Penelope … Continue reading

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Anyone know any site that can give free medical articles and information?

Any group?! Any forum?! And community?! Can anyone give me his/her username & password for sites which need money to log in?! Thank you…

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Information needed about some different specialized fields in nursing.?

I’m a sophomore in high school and am really interested in the nursing field. I’m just looking for some job descriptions/salaries of the following different nursing fields; Special Procedures nursing Obstetric Nursing Behavioral Health Nursing Any links to some good … Continue reading

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Online Nursing Degree – Get Basic Information Here

Learn From Home Let’s list the basics of an online nursing degree first. In this nursing degree the greatest benefit that you have is that you don’t have to attend regular classes. So the biggest hassle of running around in … Continue reading

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