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Nursing school advice? Help? Thanks :0)?

What are the pros and cons of the RN to BSN track? Pros and con’s of a 4-year BSN track at a private school? Does anyone know about Concordia University- Portland? What about PCC and OHSU’s OCNE (oregon consortium for … Continue reading

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Navy Nursing Program, Help!?

My Sister is thinking about joining the the Navy Nurses medical corps/ scholar ship program. I feel that she really doesn’t understand what all she is getting into she just thinks shes going to be in California and not go … Continue reading

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Would this help my chances of getting into a selective medical school?

I’m majoring in biology and chemistry and I can take four-five science courses at a time and get A’s in them, I’ve been taking full loads of classes with as many sciences courses as I can fit in each semester … Continue reading

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Nursing College/University in Ontario help please?

hey guys, i’m in 2nd year of a BSc program at waterloo university. i don’t really know what it is i want to do in terms of career, but know it will be health care. i hate the whole idea … Continue reading

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Collage help needed please?

I’m only a freshman in HS but i want to get an idea of colleges now. I live right by Manchester New Hampshire.There is a few things/requirements i would like have met they are listed as follow. I want to … Continue reading

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Nursing oxymoron help?

I am confused! There was an article in the local newspaper, with the headline, “Mount Saint Mary Professor earns Doctorate in Nursing” How is it possible to have a doctorate degree in nursing? Does that mean your new title becomes … Continue reading

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University of Washington v.s. University of Delaware? (please help me)?

I have lived in CT my whole life and college is just around the corner. I’m looking into going into either nursing or physical therapy. My 2 top choices are U Washington and U Delaware. I want to know which … Continue reading

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Help with Nursing School….?

I am interested in applying to nursing school. I am looking for advice from others on anything related. Where to start, things to do first etc…Thanks in advance for your help.

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Nursing care plan help?

I have a pt who came in with pneumonia her labs are hct-32.5 low, Hgb-10.9 low, and wbc-13.8 which is high. Why would her Hct and Hgb be low and how does that r/t pneumonia? She is 67 and all … Continue reading

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Does Ba in Health science help to get into medical school?

I am thinking about becoming a nurse, but it is too late to get in the programme now. If I get a Ba in health science, will it help me to get in the medical school easier and will I … Continue reading

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