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how will Obama’s health care plan change….?

how will Obama’s health care plan change the job outlook for nurses. taxing the crap out off anyone earning over 250k a year ……..dont almost alll doctors fall into that category. Should I change majors if he is elected? McCain/Palin … Continue reading

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Canadian National Health Plan?

As an American, I was wondering what percentage of one’s weekly payroll check does one have to pay into the insurance plan each week in Cananda?

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Public Health to Nursing?

I have a Bachelors degree in Public Health. I am now wanting to make the transition Nursing my biggest concern is can I do a MSN and become a nurse. My public health degree really covered my research abilities, and … Continue reading

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Should our country have university health care? Or should people pay for there own healthcare?

Or should the governement have a plan for people who cannot afford health and every one who does not went should pay for a better health care plan? This to me is a very tough call. I believe that everyone … Continue reading

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I am a stay at home mom looking to get into health field. Are there any legit. online courses for nursing?

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Need advice about pre health degree and nursing?

Im a junior in a 4 year institute. My major is pre health I plan to become a physical therapist. I wanted to know once I graduate with my baclores what could I get a job in? I was also … Continue reading

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Does Ba in Health science help to get into medical school?

I am thinking about becoming a nurse, but it is too late to get in the programme now. If I get a Ba in health science, will it help me to get in the medical school easier and will I … Continue reading

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How do I transition from being a nurse with a BSN to being a public health educator?

I am a new RN and I am interested in the education aspect of health and I want to know how to transition from being an RN to being an educator as well in the field of health education.

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Do you know of colleges or Graduate schools that exclusively does Health Sciences?

Such as Pharmacy, Medicine, Public Health and Nursing. I only know of UCSF, Touro University California and Western University of Health Sciences that does that. All require MCAT exams or GRE exams PCAT Optional as of 2009 but might be … Continue reading

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I am a nurse and wanted to start a small home health business. I don’t know what I should charge.?

I am a licenced nurse that has been publically recognzed on several occasions for the compassion and care I have for all my patients. I am available for basic care (ADL) , respite care, medication management, meal planning, housekeeping, laundry. … Continue reading

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