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What is the average salary of an RN who just graduated?

I’ve done some research and the average salary for an RN is about .50 an hour(48-50k per year). But I’m assuming that’s including RN’s from community college and the RN’s with work experience. I just want to know how much … Continue reading

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has anyone graduated from the nursing program at southern arkansas university? what was it like?

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Anyone graduated from nursing program at Hawaii Pacific University?

Was it difficult to pass the final exam to become a RN? Did you know people that didn’t pass? I’m planning to attend HPU and wanted to know how challanging it was going to be.

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My friend has a RN-BSN and graduated in NY in 1998. She now lives in FL. What does she have to do to get her?

RN here in FL?? Is it too late to take the test here in FL? She didn’t pass the exam in 1998.

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