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Going from a lpn to a rn is this a good idea?

im graduating high school soon and i wnat to work in the medical field i want to become a rn but i cant go straight thru college due to the fact that im having a baby. People can say what … Continue reading

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What’s a good college in Arizona to attend?

I’m going to be majoring in nursing

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Good Nursing Schools In (Southern) California?

Hello there: I’m a high school junior now and I am looking into some colleges that I can apply to in the southern California region next year. I took the SAT and got a 1850 (580 Reading 620 Math 650 … Continue reading

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Is Henderson, NV Everest College a good college ?

I want to move there and do the nursing association program to become an RN. And I just wanted to know if I would be able to enroll, or if I need to do other schooling before enrolling (like pre … Continue reading

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Does Washington State have good healthcare?

I’m a kidney transplant recipient and I’m wondering if the University of Washington Med. Center has a good reputation in regards to that and in general. Also just regular doctors..good? Also, what are the safest towns/cities in the state to … Continue reading

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What university have a good nursing school?

My sister is thinking about going to nursing school (not college and more than 2 years) I would like to know what universities have good nursing school? Also I heard that some nursing school is only 3 years instead of … Continue reading

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Does anyone know of some good nursing training programs in nyc?

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is st.josephs college in maine a good school?

im having trouble with looking for a good college that has a good nursing program, ive been looking at st.josephs for a while now but i just wanna see if people like it before I apply early there

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What is a good college to go to, to become an RN for Emergency room?

okay i want to become an RN, but i cant seem to find a good college so can you help me please i live in Nebraska, and would like a college around the sourrounding states. Thanks in Advance

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Is California State University a good school for Nursing?

If so, which one would be best, i.e. Fresno, LA, Long Beach..etc.

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