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any nurses out there to give me advice?

i’m interested in becoming a nurse i like to help people and need to work at night but i’m scared that i might make a mistake and end up killing someone or not knowing enough to really help someone like … Continue reading

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Why do people give new parents so much unsolicited advice?

And most of it contradicts what the doctors and nurses have told you. It’s great that you did that 30 years ago, now we know that there’s a better way!

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Since we all give advice to others I am curious as to how educated everyone is?

Be honest and give your highest Level of Education. I have a Bachelors in Science of Nursing and Certification for EEG. As a side not I am certified to teach Zumba

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What advice can you give me about a setting goals for a nursing careplan?

I am having trouble developing goals for my nursing careplan. Is there any tips that anyone can give me. For example, risk for impaired skin integrity R/T drainage secondary to peg tube.

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A health professional willing to give short interview?

If you are one of the following and do not mind answering 6 quick questions I would greatly appreciate it: Medical Transcriptionist RHIA MD DO PA CMA NP RN,BSN,MSN DC Cardiology Technologist Electrocardiogram Technician Cardiac Sonographer Phlebotomist MT CLS MLT … Continue reading

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Can someone give me an introduction to nursing?

I want to know what it’s all about? can someone please explain, i might have a career change. if any links that would also work

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Can anyone give me advice on majoring in Nursing and minoring in spanish?

I am a college student who is getting ready to declare myself as a nursing major with a minor in Spanish and I want to hear from a couple of nurses or nursing students on what the nursing world is … Continue reading

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I want to major in nursing, any nurses out their to give me any advice?

I will be a first time freshman in college, andI want to major in nursing. I was wondering how hard is nursing school anyway? How many hours do you have to study? What are clinicals like?

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Can you give me the definition of Nursing Management?

Can you give me the definition of Nursing Management? and also from what book, magz, or article did you find it? thanks!

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Can you give me a list of the best nursing schools in or around South Jersey?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be in New Jersey, but I am looking for great nursing schools around New Jersey.

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