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Going from a lpn to a rn is this a good idea?

im graduating high school soon and i wnat to work in the medical field i want to become a rn but i cant go straight thru college due to the fact that im having a baby. People can say what … Continue reading

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Who decides when a patient gets discharged from a hospital or nursing home?

Is it the doctor or the nurse. How does the nurse play the part in discharging the patient. Do they make that decision if the patient is going to be discharged . Does the patient have to meet the needs … Continue reading

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Thinking of changing my degree from Nursing to Finance/Accounting..advice?

I just finished year ONE of an Associates program. I am officially an LPN. Initially, I was going to go on to be an RN, and later on, a Nurse Practitioner..but I have also found an interest in taxes. I’m … Continue reading

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What is the difference in pay from a BSN to an RN?

Is it better to start out as a bsn or an rn? I can’t decide what school I want to go to. It will take me 5 years to complete my bsn, or it will take me 4 years to … Continue reading

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Switching from 2 year Community College to 4 year University?

I recently applied for a local Community College with my original plans being to take their nursing classes. But lately I’ve been having second thoughts. I’d really like to apply to a 4 year University for pre-med instead. I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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can a divorce stop the nursing home from taking your assets?

I was trying to avoid the nursing home from taking my husband and I ,is there any way to do this because we would loose a substantial amount of money , and my husband may have to go in a … Continue reading

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How do I transition from being a nurse with a BSN to being a public health educator?

I am a new RN and I am interested in the education aspect of health and I want to know how to transition from being an RN to being an educator as well in the field of health education.

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How to go from an Associates Degree to Bachelor Degree in Nursing?

I’m almost done with my fourth semester at a local community college and I am faced with a choice: to either stick with local community colleges and apply to their nursing programs and earn an associates degree, or apply to … Continue reading

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What programs/occupations can you be in for a year or less and obtain a good job from it?

My friend became a LPN within a year or less. I would like to be in a course similar to that, but I am not good with blood. I would like to be in a program where I can become … Continue reading

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Do hospitals care whether your RN education is from a technical college or a 2-4 year college?

I’m currently at a community college, but it’s taking longer than usual and was wondering if I just applied to a RN program at a technical school if that would affect my chances of being hired? I’ve always wondered the … Continue reading

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