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Do registered nurses and/or doctors/surgeons have to retake certification examinations every few years…….?

do they have to do that? because i know that physician assistants need to retake those exams every six years to continue being certified

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Are nursing programs impacted in every state or is it just California?

I want to become an RN however my GPA isn’t that great, 3.0. I’m willing to move out of state and work for a year to gain residency in said state if it’s nursing programs aren’t impacted.

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Does every college in ONTARIO have bridging programs for Nursing?

yeaa i wanted to go to CENTENNIAL college n do their bridging program.. but im scared i wont get accepted.. so i was wondering does every other college have BRIDGING programs for nursing? thankyou =]

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Is state registration exam required in every state to present to the nursing schools?

I recently.. spoke with a student nurse. She told me that in WI and at her school, what is requested for nursing students is that you pass the class for CNA and get your school certificate. She said she did … Continue reading

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10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer!?

http://godisimaginary.com/video10.htm Watch it. Very education well thought out examples with no foul language or anything. Any Christians who actually watch it, i give you props. Or read the transcript: Transcript In this short video, I am going to assume that … Continue reading

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This is waaaay too scary…I’m I psychic? Why does he contact me every time I think of him?

My fiancé and I broke up last winter and relocated to the west coast because of his job. His mom and I stayed connected here and there. About 4 months after the breakup I finally agreed to an amicable even … Continue reading

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