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Nursing Education and Careers?

Ok here are the basics. I’m 20 years old. I graduated high school two years ago. I have not gone to college. I have an interest in Nursing. how do you know what kind of nurse is right for you? … Continue reading

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MGIB / Student education plan question?

Last semester I had to get a new student education plan in order to keep getting paid to attend classes. As it goes right now, come spring, I will only have 1 class left to take off my “education plan.” … Continue reading

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What education do I need to become an RN?

I live in New Jersey, and want to become a Registered Nurse. I graduate next year in 2011. Should I take 2 years at GCC (Gloucester County College), and 4 years at Rowan University? I want to go for my … Continue reading

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Do hospitals care whether your RN education is from a technical college or a 2-4 year college?

I’m currently at a community college, but it’s taking longer than usual and was wondering if I just applied to a RN program at a technical school if that would affect my chances of being hired? I’ve always wondered the … Continue reading

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Question about kennesaw state university’s nursing program and education program?

Does any one know the steps to get in the nursing program at kennesaw state and the steps to get in the early childhood education program? I have looked around the website aA LOT and cant find these things. could … Continue reading

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What dallas area hospitals offer nursing education and/or work while you learn programs??

I want to start a nursing career in a work while you earn type program as I have a 3yr old son to raise as well, are there any such programs available in dallas/garland area such as with Baylor or … Continue reading

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Strategies to assist the RN to pursue a higher education?

I am writing a paper on these strategies. I have come up with online courses, scholarships, tuition reimbursement and dual enrollment programs. Now I need to back up my ideas. I am having trouble finding nursing research articles on these … Continue reading

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Preop® Patient Education Gallbladder Removal Laparoscopic – Hassan Trocar

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Online Nursing Continuing Education Can Get you a Nursing Degree

The online nursing continuing education is a unique opportunity for all those working professionals who want to further proceed in their career. Simply because of the flexibility and convenience of the online associate nursing degree, more and more women are … Continue reading

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Online Nursing Degree Schools: Education Via Internet

You can earn an online associate nursing degree from the online nursing schools and can serve the people by entering in this noble field that gives you handsome rewards also. There is no one in the world, which is not … Continue reading

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