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The BSN nursing degree and the RN? NURSES!?

Why do RN nurses get paid more than BSN nurses? I thought to become a BSN it required more schooling. I’m looking into becoming a nurse. Please explain…?

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Best Bachelors For Nursing In Midwest. RN Degree?

So I am having trouble deciding between the University of South Dakota and Minnesota State University-Mankato. My plan is to go to school and get a Bachelor Degree in Nursing then continue on and become a neonatal nurse. What school … Continue reading

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What does it take to be an RN in South Carolina of a master’s degree?

I will be a junior in high school this year. I live in Ohio and I’m moving to Charleston, South Carolina after I graduate. I’m planning to be an RN with a master’s degree. I want to know what classes/certifications … Continue reading

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How much do the online schools charge to be RN with a Bachelors degree?

I want to encourage my wife, but I don’t want to get her hopes up if we can’t afford it until later. I don’t want a bunch of marketing phone calls either, so I don’t want to give out our … Continue reading

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Associate degree nursing duties?

I’m planning on getting my associates degree in nursing. So I was wondering if someone could give me lots of details on the specific duties that this kind of nurse would do? And if it helps narrow it down, I’m … Continue reading

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Is an online degree equal in the eyes of an employer as a regular degree had you actually went to college?

a nursing degree for instance

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Thinking of changing my degree from Nursing to Finance/Accounting..advice?

I just finished year ONE of an Associates program. I am officially an LPN. Initially, I was going to go on to be an RN, and later on, a Nurse Practitioner..but I have also found an interest in taxes. I’m … Continue reading

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Online Nursing Degree?

I have been looking into going back to school, but with two small children it’s very difficult. My plan was to attend a year of tech school to become an LPN, but I can’t get in until next year. I … Continue reading

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What is the ADN program? Associates Degree in Nursing (California)?

I have a very broad understanding of this program. How does it differ from a Nursing vocational/training school? What are the steps I need to take and which schools would you recommend? Does the school need to be accredited? Please … Continue reading

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Getting accelerated BSN degree at Univ southern Nevada .. cost for 15 months?

I have a bachelors degree in Art History but am planning to go back to school to pursue Nursing RN degree . I am considering going to the Univ of Southern Nevada and taking their accelerated BSN program. Has anyone … Continue reading

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