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What’s a good college in Arizona to attend?

I’m going to be majoring in nursing

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People majoing in Nursing in College?

That is what I am going to be doing. At my school, Georgia State University, you have to keep a 3.7 GPA all through out College to stay in the program, and if your GPA sinks below that, you will … Continue reading

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BSN at Chamberlain College of Nursing, can you get the MSN else where?

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Is Henderson, NV Everest College a good college ?

I want to move there and do the nursing association program to become an RN. And I just wanted to know if I would be able to enroll, or if I need to do other schooling before enrolling (like pre … Continue reading

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Can I attend the Nursing program at a community college at 15 years old?

I’d love to become an RN, and will be getting my GED.

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Is an online degree equal in the eyes of an employer as a regular degree had you actually went to college?

a nursing degree for instance

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is st.josephs college in maine a good school?

im having trouble with looking for a good college that has a good nursing program, ive been looking at st.josephs for a while now but i just wanna see if people like it before I apply early there

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What is a great college for being a nurse assistant.?

My friend, wants to be nurse, assistant to work with babies. )) What is a good college for that, and how long does it take to be a nurse? How much does it pay? P.s Can you list links or … Continue reading

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What is a good college to go to, to become an RN for Emergency room?

okay i want to become an RN, but i cant seem to find a good college so can you help me please i live in Nebraska, and would like a college around the sourrounding states. Thanks in Advance

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Can i go to nursing school in college?

Im currently in High school now &* I have 2 more years to graduate &* move onto my four years of college. I would like to become a nurse that takes care of patients in a hospital. But in order … Continue reading

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