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If I start as a nurse, can it lead to a physicians asst career?

I want to become a physicians assistant but 1. I don’t think there is a program near me and 2. I don’t know that I have the time to commit to it. I was looking to start out as a … Continue reading

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I’ve been a hospital based registered nurse for 25 years and I want out! Any ideas for a new career?

My background is in endoscopy lab and intensive care. Just burned out on the whole hospital thing. Time to brach out but nursing is all I know. Still need to make a decent income.

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What is the difference between a PA and a NP? I am interesting in pursuing this as a career but I am not an RN

I have a BS but not in nursing. Working on Prereqs but both programs have different requirements. Trying to pick the right one. I am currently taking classes for my CNA and CMA. Which has more versatility?

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Where should I start for a future in the nursing career?

I plan on going to nursing school in the fall but in the mean time I’m going to work at a retirement home. I have the option to pick a CNA (certified nurses assistant) route or to be a geriatric … Continue reading

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How does one start a career in nursing?

I am thinkng of entering the nursing field as a LPN or RN

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What’s a website that tells me what career makes how much money?

I’ve heard of websites that tell me what career makes how much money a year and what it involves doing and all the information about that career? Anyone know a website like that? I know I want to be a … Continue reading

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What are the differences, career wise, between an RN and BSN?

I am a freshman in college and I would like to pursue a career as a maternity nurse. How would my career opportunities differ from only receiving an RN degree rather than the BSN degree? If i first obtained my … Continue reading

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Recent nursing school graduate needs advice about career move from SC to CA?

I have just recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of South Carolina and am awaiting to receive my authorization to test (ATT) to take the NCLEX-RN. My dad’s family is from California and have … Continue reading

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How do I get started pursuing a career in nursing? How does it work if I already have bachelors in dif field?

What are some reputable resources or links on how to get started, programs, scholarships, and financial aid

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i have a RN, BSN but would like to go back to school any suggestions for career field?

I am currently a bedside RN and do enjoy it but would like to try something different still in the nursing field, I have tried teaching, a clinical instructor, bedside hospice nurse. Any suggestions as to what I could go … Continue reading

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