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what is the connection between congress and nursing?

how are nurses affected by the current health care plan/policy???

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What are the differences between LPN’s and RN’s?

And do you have to take the HESI A2 exam to become a RN aside from schooling? Or does the LPN take the HESI A2 exam to do the RN thing? Isn’t the LPN a higher up than a RN, … Continue reading

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Whats the difference between LPN, CNA, and RN?

I’m looking at some medical fields. I have tried to do some research on what types of different jobs each medical title does( listed above). Most of the feed back is people fighting which is better. Could someone just help … Continue reading

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What is the difference between a nurse practitioner and a physician assistant?

I know both can be licensed to prescribe medicine ,but what are the other differences in their roles? Mind you, I’m referring to nurse practitioners and physician assistants with Master’s degrees.

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I’m trying figure out the difference between a RN, BSN, and ADN?

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What’s the difference between a Neonatal nurse & an OBGYN nurse ?

I really wanna be a neonatal nurse but, I have to do a paper for school on an OBGYN nurse. I thought they were kinda the same thing. If you could just give me the differences regarding job duties, educational … Continue reading

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What is the connection between mood swings and illnesses?

I’m doing an article for a newspaper class and my partner and I are having difficulties trying to start and keep the attention of our High School audience. Any responses would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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What is the difference between a PA and a NP? I am interesting in pursuing this as a career but I am not an RN

I have a BS but not in nursing. Working on Prereqs but both programs have different requirements. Trying to pick the right one. I am currently taking classes for my CNA and CMA. Which has more versatility?

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Any diploma difference between community college nursing school and hospital nursing school?

For Registered Nurse. In my city, there is a community college with much cheaper tuition than the hospital nursing school. I’d like to know if the diploma is different? Thanks a lot!

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Does anyone know what the difference is between a Masters in Nursing and a Nurse Practicioner?

I understand that a nurse practitioner can orescribe medications, but what is a masters in nursing? Would a masters in nursing also be a step up from having a bachelors in nursing (BSN)? thank you!

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