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Best Bachelors For Nursing In Midwest. RN Degree?

So I am having trouble deciding between the University of South Dakota and Minnesota State University-Mankato. My plan is to go to school and get a Bachelor Degree in Nursing then continue on and become a neonatal nurse. What school … Continue reading

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What university in California has the best Nursing Program?

I’m only looking at CSU’s not UC’s

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arrange these schools according to the best dentistry programs?

Baylor college of dentistry,TX East carolina university,NC Medical university of south carolina,SC Meharry medical college,TN Oregon health and science university,OR University of alabama-birmingham,AL University of detroit mercy,MI University of southern california,CA University of tennessee-memphis,TN University of the pacific,CA West virginia … Continue reading

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Best College in Florida?

I am a 11th grade student looking for the right college. Me and my family are thinking on moving to Florida. I’ve been searching for the best college but can’t seem to find it. It has to have the following: … Continue reading

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Which colleges in illinois are best for neonatal nurse?

i’m still in high school but january 2010 i’m going to graduate and i really want to be a neonatal nurse or some sort of nurse dealing with new borns. i don’t want to be a pediatrician i’ve already been … Continue reading

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Best nursing school in NC?

i wanna be a pediatric nurse when i grow up hahaha what is the best college to go to in NC? thanks:)

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What would be the best Military branch for medical careers?

I am wanting to go in to Pre-Med and I heard that if you go into the Military they will pay for Med.school, I know that I would be deployed for a while after college, I am just wanting to … Continue reading

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Where is the best state to get my BSN or Bachelors in Nursing?

Best, meaning, easiest to get into and maybe not too expensive but at the same time the Degree has value. I’m willing to relocate if need be. It seems difficult to get into an BSN/RN program in Calif, so I’m … Continue reading

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I want to be a certified nurse midwife, what college is best?

I live in Oregon so I’d be more than happy to stay in state, but I was wondering what kind of education would I need and what college would be best to go to? Do I need to go to … Continue reading

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which RN nursing program is best utmb or texas tech?

I was accepted to the RN-BSN program at both Texas Tech and UTMB. Which one is best?

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