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Do you think being a nurse fits me?

I’m 18 and about to start my second semester of college. In my senior year of hs, I declared I wanted to be a nurse. I just now I figured I want to be a neonatal or pediatric nurse or … Continue reading

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What is a great college for being a nurse assistant.?

My friend, wants to be nurse, assistant to work with babies. )) What is a good college for that, and how long does it take to be a nurse? How much does it pay? P.s Can you list links or … Continue reading

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what’s it like being a nurse?

i was thinking of going into nursing for awhile, eventually i want to own my own business in natural therapy and healing but im really interested in the nursing feild but i want to know how the job is, i … Continue reading

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How do I transition from being a nurse with a BSN to being a public health educator?

I am a new RN and I am interested in the education aspect of health and I want to know how to transition from being an RN to being an educator as well in the field of health education.

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How many yaers do you have to be in college to become a nurse? And how much do you get paid yearly being one?

Thnxs for the help. This is really imporntant to me!

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Will already having a Bachelors degree increase my chances of being accepted into a nursing program?

I graduated in June with a degree in geography, GIS, and resource management. I have had an ongoing interest in nursing, but I chose to pursue something else. Now that I have graduated I want to return to school to … Continue reading

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How can I stop being bulimic without seeing a professional?

I don’t have medical insurance so seeing a therapist or psychiatrist is out of the question right now. I just want some self-help type stuff until I can see a real doctor.

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Can i join the navy nurse reserve without being an RN/having my BSN to pay for my graduate school nursing?

I am going back to graduate school after receiving my Bachelors of Music and am trying to find ways to pay for it. I’m very interested in the Navy reserve, for both money and the honor of serving my country, … Continue reading

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Are there any LPN’s or RN’s that can tell me the ups and downs of being a home care nurse?

I am an LPN and I work in a nursing home. This is my second job in a nursing home and I love my patients but I hate the enivironment. I want to try something else.

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What are some pros and cons of being a nurse and a physical therapist?

I am trying to decide whether I want to be a nurse or a physical therapist when I get out of high school and college. Can you give me some pros and cons of both careers.

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