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Few questions about becoming an RN?

Someday, I would like to become a Registered Nurse in Canada. (hopefully British Columbia) I’m just wondering if you need your Bachelors degree. Would you make more if you have it? and around how much more? Because I don’t feel … Continue reading

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Question about nursing and nursing school ?

OK I am looking forward to go to school for nursing. I would like to be an obstetrical nurse and be able to care for patients while in labor, pushing and post partum. I would like no limitations in what … Continue reading

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Questions about nursing?

Im a senior in High School, live in Texas, and Im graduating in May. Ive been really leaning towards going in the medical field but not yet decided which career to pick. I would LOVE to help people, i want … Continue reading

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Know about Wisconsin colleges?

i’m the first in my family to go to college, so I don’t know much about them. If anyone can throw in any facts (what theyre known for, etc.) that would be great! I already checked out all of their … Continue reading

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Does anyone know of any nursing programs online?? How about…?

What about good University programs in FL?? Looking to move there soon with someone and also looking to continue school there.

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i was wondering about nursing school?

does anyone have any information to aid me in how to start out in the process of starting nursing school? I am a mother that is completely clueless on the process.

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advice about nursing home/rehab?

my mom just had major surgery to remove part of an infected bone and they sent her to a rehab center to heal for about 12 days well her first night there (last night) she accidently wet the bed. she … Continue reading

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I see RN to BSN programs but what about AA to BSN programs?

I just earned my AA degree but I didn’t know what I wanted to do until now. Instead of becoming an RN and then taking a RN to BSN program can’t I just go straight to studying in a BSN … Continue reading

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Questions about donating my eggs in the state of nebraska?

i am looking in donating my eggs in the state of nebraska… i have a few questions about it… How much can i get paid for donating eggs? Who pays for all the screenings of becoming a egg donor? How … Continue reading

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Information about licensed vocation nursing programs in southern california?

I want to get my LVN from a school in the san fernando valley does anyone have any information about how far an the certificate can take you, will hospitals hire a LVN? Any other information you have would be … Continue reading

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